Welcome, Marines & Your Family Members.

This is Your Higher Education Support Initiative!

(Marines and their families from Henderson Hall in the Washington DC area, as well as any USMC duty station around the world can take advantage of this free support.)


If you desire to further your education, regardless of whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree (Associate's or Bachelor's degree) or a graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D), you are in the right place! With this free support. powered by our patented DegreeQuest technology and our amazing student support system, SOCRATES ®, you can be empowered to earn a degree in the subject you desire quickly and at a fraction of the cost. This is just one of many educational support opportunities provided to the Marine Corps Community in the Washington DC Metroarea. Click on the image on the right to visit the Education Page on the installation website. However, keep in mind, any Marine from any USMC duty station or installation across the nation or around the world can take advantage of this free support. It is not limited to Henderson Hall in the Washington DC area, although they are sponsoring this initiative for the USMC.


At HERC, we have built hundreds of accredited colleges and universities in the degree exploration system offering thousands of+ degrees at a distance covering the full-spectrum of higher education, from Associate's degrees all the way to Ph.D's. We can systematically identify which of these degrees best fit the credit you have earned in the past, digitally streaming your academic accomplishments into the degree requirements to minimize loss of credit in the past. We also help students we serve get the credit they deserve for their adult learning experiences, such as college credit for professional training completed in the military, or with corporations or government agencies. Which of these thousands of degrees best fit your previously earned credit, as well as your needs, goals and desires? With our free support, we can show you! Dare to Compare! With our support, you will be able to make an informed choice: After all, the decision as to which college or university you will earn your degree from will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. We welcome the opportunity to help you compare the best options!


Once you have selected the degree that you would like to pursue from one of our participating colleges and universities, our professional counselors will work with you to guide you in the use of the thousands of resources linked to our student support system, SOCRATES ®, to help you succeed. This includes 500+ semester hours of tuition-free college courses: Earn college credit by examinations accepted by 82% of all the colleges and universities in the nation; links to dozens of providers of low cost textbooks saving our students $$$; see if your personal profile matches to providers of scholarships and grants, as billions of dollars in assistance is given out each year. These are just a few of the wide array of resources that we provide students that we serve through SOCRATES ®.

We encourage you to click on the Home button at the top of this page or select the Main Menu to find out more about what we do for those whom we serve. Don't delay. Apply NOW for this free support!