College Credit

For Professional Training


The American Council on Education (ACE) has evaluated professional training at corporations, private businesses, and government agencies for college credit since the 1970's. Not only does ACE evaluate professional training of corporations and government agencies, but so do several other organizations, as well. These include the National College Credit Recommendations Service (NCCRS) in New York and the Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP). In fact, over the past. In fact, more than 1,135 corporations and government agencies have had their professional training evaluated for college credit over the past four and a half decades.

If you have completed professional training at your organization or at a corporation or government agency in which they were previously employed, we can help you explore the opportunity to receive college credit for your adult learning experiences. We'll check the list of the hundreds of organizations that have had their training evaluated by ACE, NCCRS, or CCAP and see if the one you worked for has had their training evaluated for credit. If so, we'll have you get in touch with ACE, NCCRS, or CCAP to see if the specific training that you completed is eligible to receive college credit. If you have completed extensive training that has not yet been evaluated for college credit, you may be perfect candidates for Prior Learning Assessment. We are here to help you explore each of these options, as the results could get you one step closer to degree completion.