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Our support is not limited to the organizations with which we have teamed to serve their workforce. We welcome the opportunity to serve you! If you are an HR professional of a major corporation or government agency, or even a small business, or just someone who needs to earn a degree, take advantage of this opportunity now. Call 865-686-8347 or apply today!

Spotlight on Our Leadership:


Tim N. Scoggins, Founder, LCDR, USCG (ret.), Founder & CEO, Former Educational Service Officer at two bases and USCG Service Chief of Voluntary Education

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Sabine Koch, Ph.D., LPC, MSCP, Cofounder, President - CCI, Former Undergrad. & Graduate Professor, Columbia College & Liberty University.

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Franc Lopez. SGM (ret.), MBA, Former DANTES Enlisted Advisor, 2017 President of the Council of Colleges & Military Educators (CCME)

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Meet the Team

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Let Us Help Your Employees & Their Families.

time to learn about the team!

We are Advocates for Students We Serve


Earn a Degree Quickly:

We guide students in exploring thousands of degrees from hundreds of colleges and universities. Which are right for you to consider? Let us show you. With our support, you can minimize loss of credit in transfer and get the credit you deserve for your adult learning experiences. Earn the degree you desire from the convenience of your home, yet receive the same degree others receive on campus.


Save Significant Time & Money:

You do not have to spend a fortune to earn a degree at a distance. With our support, you can earn a degree quickly and at a fraction of the cost. With SOCRATES ®, link to 500+ semester hours of tuition-free courses, earn credit by examinations accepted by 2,900+ colleges nationwide, see if you match to scholarships and grants, find low cost textbooks, and more!

We Bear Identities of Some Clients Served

Some of the corporations we support have asked that we take on their identities, Others have us support their work forces under our own identity. The choice is theirs. To see the portals through which provide support to their workers, click the links below:

These are some corporations we serve under their name: