We Get Results!

Tangible Savings - Measured, Tracked & Reported


The support that we provide to students produces tangible results in the cost and time savings that can be tracked, measured, and reported to the organizations that we serve. When we provide support to students, each receives personalized support with our professional intake specialists and counselors working with them to identify any potential source of college credit they may have earned in the past that could help them achieve their goal of earning a degree in the subject they desire. By doing so, we create a complete electronic record of each person's past academic accomplishments. Not only can we minimize loss of credit in transfer with the power of DegreeQuest, but, as advocates for the students we serve, systematically stream all types of credit into degrees from accredited colleges and universities nationwide, including college credit for professional training at corporations and government agencies, credit for military training for veterans, college credit by examinations (with SOCRATES ®), college credit for professional certifications and licenses, and more. With DegreeQuest, we can create reports specific to the organizations served which present the cost savings that result from the support that we provide. Be sure to see the page on this site which details how employees are empowered to Save Time and Money with our support.