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Degree Exploration

With our degree exploration support, we systematically identify the optimal degrees for students to consider by streaming in their past academic accomplishments.


With SOCRATES ®, students save time & money using the 3,000+ resources, including links to 500+ sem. hrs. of tuition-free courses, earn credit by exam, find low cost textbooks, & more.

APDC Seminar

Our informative seminar, Strategic Education Planning: Accelerated Paths to Degree Completion, provides helpful advice to students desiring to harness the power of our systems & support.

Guidance Counseling

We serve as advocates for students, guiding them from admission to graduation. We provide personalized counseling support at undergraduate and graduate levels to students.

When Your Employees & Their Family Members Engage Our Support, They Will See
We Are A Student-Centric Organization

We have created the state-of-the-art systems and websites that serve our students from the student perspective. You see, each of the key staff who founded this organization were not traditional students who attended college on campus right out of high school. We're working adults who earned our Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D degrees over the years as non-traditional students. We've walked a mile in your shoes. We understand the struggles you face as you further your education and the importance of being able to achieve your academic goals, regardless of how high you've set the bar. We look forward to helping you!