College Credit for

Professional Certifications & Licenses

You Learned So Much to Earn the Professional Certification or License.

Earning a professional certification is an accomplishment. It serves as evidence that your employees have completed a significant amount of training in the subject and have attained a level of fluency in the field of study that deserved the recognition associated with the license or certification awarded. Professional licenses and certifications are not given out to just anyone. Employees must have completed training and attained a specific level of knowledge in the field of work in order to qualify to receive the recognition. It is a distinction that sets them apart from others, an accomplishment they can be proud to have attained.

Many professional certifications and licenses have been evaluated for college credit. Some of these were evaluated by the American Council on Education, while others were reviewed through Institutional Evaluation by colleges and universities across the nation. Employees who have earned FAA licenses, such as the Airframe & Powerplant licenses, may have earned a significant amount of college credit - 67 semester hours of college credit covering the subjects required for a major in Aviation Maintenance Technology (all students typically need are the Liberal Arts courses for a well-rounded education).. Employees who have earned computer certifications, from user-level program training (e.g., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to the most advanced computer network certifications (Cisco, Novell, MS Certified System Engineer, etc.) may also have earned college credit and not even realize it. Many public service certifications have also been evaluated (EMT/Paramedic, Firefighter, Police Officer, Corrections, etc.). Professional car and truck mechanics also may earn a significant amount of college credit for each of the Automotive Service Excellence certifications they earned.

If you have earned professional certifications or licenses, they should let us know. We'll help you get the credit they deserve for their learning experiences.