College Credit for

Adult Experiential Learning

College Credit for Prior Learning (a.k.a. Lifelong Learning Credit)

Have You Learned Subjects Typically Taught on College Campuses?

Often students have learned through life experiences. Perhaps you have completed advanced training at a workplace which has never requested to have its professional training evaluated for college credit. If you have a level of knowledge in a subject that is taught on college campuses and can present evidence of that knowledge in a portfolio that can be submitted to a college for review,you may be able to receive credit without having to take a classes in the subject.


Prior Learning Assessment = Portfolio Assessment

The process of evaluating lifelong learning is called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Another term that some colleges use to describe PLA is Portfolio Assessment. The term is relevant, as students must compile a portfolio which presents evidence of the learning experiences claimed by the student and a list of college courses that would convey to students on campus the same knowledge that the student learned through life experience. This portfolio will be submitted to a panel of academic experts at the college who will review the evidence and determine if and how much credit will be awarded to the student. Our course, Strategic Education Planning: Accelerated Paths to Degree Completion, teaches students how to take advantage of the opportunity to earn credit by PLA.

If you are interested in considering this option, you should log into our seminar and learn how to get the credit you deserve for their adult experiential learning.